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Respiratory system term paper

respiratory system term paper

Stephens, RJ, MF Sloan, MJ Evans, and G Freeman. Life Span Study Report 10, Part. It is a rather difficult question which entails ethical, social and scientific considerations. Arch Pathol Lab Med 106: 544-596. Pathology PMF lesions may be unilateral or bilateral, and are most often found in the upper or middle lobes of the lung. They will be presented here through the four "facets" previously mentioned and the bibliography will refer the interested reader to more specialized texts. At least three technically satisfactory recordings (i.e., full inspiration and expiration effort and no observed leaks) should be done, and the highest value reported. As respiratory system term paper already indicated, the distribution and determinants of pleural reactions vary considerably between workforces, with prevalence rates increasing with:. . If serial PEF has not yet been done during at least two weeks at work, then a diagnostic trial of return to work (see Step 4) may be performed, after detailed counselling, and in close contact with the treating physician. Deng, JF, T Sinks, L Elliot, D Smith, M Singal, and L Fine. Acute and chronic exposures to a chemical may result in different pathological manifestations. They may be chemically identical to the parent material, or may be composed of an oxidation product such as metal oxide.

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Research laboratories using rodents for research other than hantavirus research have occasionally been unsuspected sources for hantavirus infections of laboratory workers. The metallic aluminium is then drawn off for casting. Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans. For non-spherical or aggregate particles, and respiratory system term paper for particles with internal cracks or pores, the ratio of surface to volume can be much greater than for spheres. High molecular weight sensitizing agents (5,000 daltons (Da) or greater) often act by an IgE-dependent mechanism. Chronic beryllium disease has a variable course with exacerbations and remissions in its clinical manifestations. These factors are located in the lung tissue, the interstitial fluid and the circulating erythrocytes. Fibre type Location of major deposits Commercial products and/or uses Chrysotile (white) Russia, Canada (Qu?bec, also British Columbia, Newfoundland China (Szechwan province Mediterranean countries (Italy, Greece, Corsica, Cyprus Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Swaziland Brazil; smaller deposits in United States. 1987.) It occurs in veins in the western United States. Lung overload, dosimetry of lung fibrosis and their implications to the respiratory dust standard. However, most illness results from ingestion of non-pasteurized dairy products from goats. If, after monitoring the patient for at least two weeks at work and two weeks away from it, the diagnostic evidence is not yet sufficient, Step 6 should be considered next, if available and feasible. On the other hand, the flow may be extremely low in case of very high lung volume.

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Identical pathologies to those found in the subjects exposed to hard metals were also observed in diamond cutters, who use disks formed by microdiamonds cemented with Co and who therefore inhale only Co and diamond particles. Although maintaining functional stability may be more difficult in patients with PMF, in other respects, management is similar to simple CWP. In the field of coal, high rank and low rank coals should be treated separately, since there is strong evidence that the risk of CWP and especially the risk of progressive massive fibrosis is much greater after exposure. Chrysotile and the various amphibole asbestos minerals differ in crystalline structure, in chemical and surface characteristics and in the physical characteristics of their fibres, usually described in terms of the length-to-diameter (or aspect) ratio. Known oxidants include exogenous factors (ozone, chlorine, nitrogen oxides and tobacco smoke) and endogenous factors such as free radicals. Pappas, GP and LS Newman. Epidemiology Infection results from inhalation of aerosols of urine, saliva and faeces from infected rodents. In industrialized countries, it is now generally regarded respiratory system term paper as no more than a radiological abnormality, without impairment or disability (Sadoul 1983). Respiratory protection when working with soils heavily contaminated with avian faeces will reduce exposure. Special-purpose glass fibre is used in specialty applications, for instance in aircraft, that require high heat and acoustical insulation properties. Oil shale has been used as an energy source since the 1850s in Scotland.

Evidence of an oxidative mechanism for the hemolytic activity of silica particles. The median survival is 4 to 18 months in various series. Because of the high prevalence of disease in some countries, investigations of combinations of drugs and other interventions continue. Total pollutant burden, rather than exposure to any of its respiratory system term paper particular components, in this case asbestos dust, is thought to be implicated, in much the same way as the effect of smoking exposure on chronic airways diseases. Individual susceptibility to beryllium thus can be explained on the basis of the individual CD4 response.

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When the measurements are performed during tidal breathing, dynamic compliance can be measured. It combined both radiographic appearances and impairment of lung functions. The continuous glass filament production process results in less variation from the average fibre diameter in comparison to glass wool and special-purpose glass fibre. Other complications of CWP include mycobacterial infection, Caplan's syndrome and scleroderma. Deposition increases with increasing particle size above 1 m as sedimentation and impaction become increasingly effective. Clinical presentation In addition to the common presentation of measles seen in non-immune adults, atypical and modified presentations of measles must be considered because many hospital workers had previously received killed vaccines or have partial immunity. An acute temporary lung function decrease may not only be a biological exposure indicator but also a predictor of a chronic lung function decrement. A significant fraction of the inhaled particles do deposit within the respiratory tract. In both industrialized and developing countries, males have a higher incidence than females, the sex ratio ranging from two- to ten-fold. Quantitative relation between emphysema and lung mineral content in coalworkers. This is an important difference between asbestos and non-asbestos fibrous silicates and man-made fibres. In epidemiological studies of OA, workplace exposures are consistently the strongest determinants of asthma prevalence, and the risk of developing OA with latency tends to increase with estimated intensity of exposure. The breathing manoeuvre is usually performed as a maximal inspiration followed by a maximal expiration, vital capacity (VC, measured in litres).

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When the exposure is at the level of the TLV, the biological exposure index (BEI) is estimated to be equal to 30 g Co/litre urine. If a greater level of diagnostic certainty is needed, medical screening utilizing diagnostic procedures such as spirometry, quantitative testing for NBR, serial PEF recording, and respiratory system term paper immunological testing can be considered as well. Deposits are found in many parts of the world, most of which have been exploited non-commercially or commercially in the past, and some of which are currently commercially exploited. Not only the exposure regimen, but also the physicochemical characteristics of the deposited particles, trigger the activation of the different pathways responsible for the lung's retention of such contaminants. In acute and accelerated silicosis, functional changes are more marked and progression is more rapid. Fubini, B, E Giamello, M Volante, and V Bolis. Clearance of non-coated fibres deposited in the lung's parenchyma is towards the lung periphery and subpleural regions, and then to lymph nodes at the root of the lung. Donelly, SC and MX Fitzgerald. A common factor among each of these occupational groups is exposure to -radiation emitted by inhaled radon particles. In the absence of pulmonary fibrosis, pleural plaques may cause no symptoms and may be detected only in screening surveys using chest radiography. The true prevalence of the disease is unknown.

Skin testing to demonstrate beryllium sensitization is not recommended, in that the test itself is sensitizing, may possibly trigger systemic reactions in sensitized people and does not of itself establish that the presenting disease is necessarily beryllium related. Zejda Chronic respiratory disorders characterized by differing grades of dyspnoea, respiratory system term paper cough, phlegm expectoration and functional respiratory impairment are included in the general category of chronic non-specific lung disease (cnsld). Diagnosis is made serologically by demonstrating a CF antibody titre of 1:8 or greater in an appropriate clinical setting or a four-fold change in CF titre. Some manufacturing processes allow for large variations in terms of fibre size, the lower limit being 1 mm or less in diameter ( figure.35 ). Differential effects of copper and zinc on human peripheral blood monocyte cytokine secretion. Aspect (length to diameter) ratios for most particles of milled chrysotile asbestos fall within the range 5:1 to 20:1, going up to 50:1, in contrast to most particles of milled amphibole asbestos (including cleavage fragments) whose values fall below 3:1. Eur J Resp Dis 62:332-343.

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Miscellaneous Bacterial oaps of Agricultural Workers Pseudomonas pseudomallei is a soil- and rodent-associated organism principally of Southeast Asia which causes melioidosis. The radiographic findings of diffuse alveolar filling differ from those in the more chronic forms of silicosis. Malignant mesothelioma represents the most important pleural tumour; it occurs mainly between the fifth and seventh decade of life. state of health-for example, concurrent disease or dysfunction. . It is indeed subjects at the early stage of disease that should be recognized and withdrawn from further significant exposure if prevention of disability is to be achieved by medical surveillance. In addition to its cost, the fact that a CT device is a hospital installation makes it unlikely that it will replace the chest radiograph for surveillance and epidemiological studies; its role will likely remain limited to individual case investigation. In this case, the size selection is made by excluding from the count the "non-respirable" fibres with dimensions exceeding predetermined criteria. The use of non-commercial solutions in skin-prick testing has on occasions been associated with severe reactions, including anaphylaxis, and thus caution is necessary. Petsonk, EL, E Storey, PE Becker, CA Davidson, K Kennedy, and V Vallyathan. Ann Intern Med 114:930-936.

Washington, DC: DHS (niosh). Most of the reported agents are thought to induce a sensitization response. A new definition of pneumoconioses was adopted at the Fourth International Conference on Pneumoconiosis, Bucharest, 1971: "Pneumoconiosis is the accumulation of dust in the lungs and the tissue reactions to its presence. In addition, proportional mortality studies in asbestos-exposed cohorts suggested that risk was associated both with fibre type and with industrial process, with rates attributable to mesothelioma ranging from.3 in chrysotile mining to 1 in chrysotile manufacturing, compared with. Immunization against influenza and pneumococcus should also be considered, as with any patient with chronic respiratory disease. Types 2 and 3 have metastatic spread in 80 to 90 of the patients. Large opacities are usually seen on a background of small opacities, but development of PMF from a category 0 profusion has been noted over a five-year period. There is some indication that sufficiently low exposure regimens can in most cases limit the lung reaction to non-progressive lesions with no disability or impairment. To get useful recordings, however, it is necessary to instruct the subjects well. These changes tend to be more marked with advanced radiologic categories. The occupational diagnosis is based on case history, BAL cytological pattern and cobalt patch test.

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Clinical presentation With the viruses causing hfrs or EN, infection usually results in asymptomatic development of anti-hantavirus antibodies. The BAL lymphocyte transformation correlates much better with abnormal pulmonary function and does not correlate well with concurrent abnormalities in the blood LTT. The techniques are designed to determine historical effects, however, and are less suitable to serve as guidelines to prevent lung function impairment. Cotran, RS, V Kumar, SL Robbins and FJ Schoen, (eds.). In various work environments, alumina compounds can occur in several forms, and in animal studies these forms appear to have differing lung toxicities.

Springer Semin Immunopathol 8:387-400. Extent an area of calcified pleura with greatest diameter up to about 20mm, or a number of such areas the sum of whose greatest diameters does not exceed about 20mm. Of Health and Human Services, 1994). This results in a haemorrhagic mediastinitis but rarely presents as primary pneumonia. Occupationally Acquired Infections in Health Care and Laboratory Workers Inhalation of infectious aerosols is the most common source of infection in hospital workers, and many types of viral and bacterial pneumonias have been attributed to work-related transmission ( table.26 ). It is, therefore, necessary to specify at least two parameters in characterizing aerosol size: a measure of central tendency, such as a mean or median, and a measure of dispersion, such as an arithmetic or geometric standard deviation. Asbestos and Other Fibrous Minerals. Cellular effects of inhaled fibres Animal studies indicate that the initial events which follow asbestos retention in the lung respiratory system term paper include:. . Risk factors of copd, including effect of occupational exposures copd is a disorder of multifactorial aetiology. It is not a fast-developing disease, usually taking at least ten years to be manifested, and often much longer when exposures are low. Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Pulmonary damage caused by ski waxing.

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San Diego: Academic Press. The occurrence and severity of disease depends on the intensity and duration of dust exposure. Forms of Silicosis-Exposure History and Clinicopathologic Descriptions Chronic, accelerated and acute forms of silicosis are commonly described. An occupational health standard of 2 g/m3, proposed in 1949 by a committee operating under the auspices of the US Atomic Energy Commission, continues to be widely observed. An overview of the disease follows. The particles are generally liquid droplets with diameters less than.5. Sulotto, F, C Romano, and A Berra. Tuberculosis is spread almost exclusively person to person on infectious particles with a diameter of 1 to 5 m that result from coughing, talking or sneezing. The use of BCG in the tuberculin-negative silicotic patient is not recommended, but the use of preventive isoniazid (INH) therapy in the tuberculin-positive silicotic subject is advised in countries where the prevalence of tuberculosis is low. They are usually transient but may reoccur, may involve one or both sides of the chest simultaneously or sequentially, and may be either silent or associated with symptoms including chest tightness and/or pleural pain and dyspnoea. The eight-hour time-weighted average (TWA) of fibril respiratory system term paper levels during manufacturing and end-use applications ranges from.01.4 f/ml (Merriman 1989). Carbon black is manufactured from fossil fuels through a variety of processes involving partial combustion and thermal decomposition.

respiratory system term paper

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Contributions were made by not only physicists and experimental pathologists but also by clinicians who used bronchoalveolar lavage extensively as a new pulmonary technique of investigation. During the chronic inflammatory process, both the surface of the dust particles and the activated inflammatory cells release increased amounts of reactive oxygen species in the lower respiratory tract. Substantial efforts have been directed to research, primary prevention and medical management. age-for example, older people, especially those with chronically reduced cardiovascular and respiratory function, who may not be able to cope with additional pulmonary stresses. . In the United States from 19, secondary pneumonia from haematogenous spread developed in approximately 10 of septicaemic persons. More conclusive, yet less available, are data on the disease's incidence. Because of the potentially long latency with paracoccidioidomycosis, this exposure may long precede the appearance of symptoms. An informed worker can more readily recognize work-related symptoms and communicate more effectively to a health care provider. This question is hard to answer directly, especially since the air pollution in workplaces often has a complex composition and the exposure cannot be described in terms of mean concentrations of single compounds. The chances for long-term sequelae are more likely with greater initial injury. Eisenbud, ME and J Lisson. Surat cotton, as it bodily affects operatives in cotton mills.

The manoeuvre is carried out by means of a maximal enspiration of pure oxygen from the bag. Ann Occup Hyg 31(4A 417-427. Lung volumes and forced ventilatory flows. Within 48 hours, increased numbers of alveolar macrophages accumulate at sites of deposition. In previously vaccinated adults, the persistent, productive cough respiratory system term paper may last several weeks and pertussis is rarely considered.

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Step 5 Clinical evaluation of asthma away from work or diagnostic trial of removal from work. Rapid progression to severe hypoxaemic ventilatory failure is the usual course. It may require diagnostic trials of removal from and return to work, and often requires the patient to reliably chart serial peak expiratory flow (PEF) measurements. In a high percentage of cases with allergic bronchial asthma, specific reaction towards a human Co-seroalbumin compound was found in the IgE serum. Although the following classification is neither precise nor comprehensive, it is commonly used and accepted in the industrial hygiene and air pollution fields. These studies pictured aetiopathogenesis as a very complex entity, which can nonetheless be broken down to reveal several facets: (1) the inhalation itself of dust particles and the consequent constitution and significance of the pulmonary burden (exposure-dose-response relationships (2) the physicochemical.

It affects not only workers in charge of sintering, but anyone inhaling aerosol containing hard metal and particularly cobalt. Screening and Surveillance Silica and other mineral-dust exposed workers should have periodic screening for adverse health effects as a supplement to, but not a substitute for, dust exposure control. Man-Made Vitrteous Fibers: Nomenclature, Chemical and Physical Properties. Workers in High-Risk Occupations and Industries Although silicosis is an ancient disease, new cases are still reported in both the developed and developing world. Some authors suggested that it was an occupational asthma (Bouhuys 1976). It is not possible to characterize a given particle by a single size parameter. Though standardization of results between laboratories has not yet been achieved, comparisons of results obtained within a given laboratory are useful, and lung burden measurements have added a new tool for case evaluation. Recent investigations of workers exposed to talc without associated asbestos fibres revealed trends for higher mortality from non-malignant respiratory disease (silicosis, silico-tuberculosis, emphysema and pneumonia but the risk for bronchogenic cancer was not found to be elevated. Highly bronchoreactive subjects can present non-allergic aetiological asthmatic symptoms, with a non-specific response to inhalation of cobalt and other irritating powders.