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Essays about the good earth

essays about the good earth

In The Good Earth, many characters have many personalities. Wang Lung is contrasted at every point with his uncle. And for men, having a wife with bound feet was a way of ensuring subservience and fidelity, since she could not move essays about the good earth around easily and was confined to the house. This" is huge on the way women are viewed in the Chinese culture. The concept of women and women's rights has not only been a struggle for the American culture but also other cultures, such as the Chinese culture.

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They were from the north in Shantug and there they returned, and I know nothing further or them. But it also appears that he cannot completely shake off his religious beliefs or his observance of religious customs. The second reason Wang Lung allows the abuse to go on is because the uncle reveals that he is a member, and perhaps even in charge, of the dreaded criminal gang known as the Redbeards. She has not beauty enough to tempt my sons and grandsons even if she had not been in the kitchen. First, he is a decent man who is very aware of how things should be done in his culture.

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She is a good slave, although somewhat slow and stupid, and had I not wished to acquire merit at the temply for my future existence by bringing more life into the world I should have kept her, for she is good enought for the kitchen. Wang Lung agrees and departs with. They couldn't yell when they were beaten, as this is what woman do not. O-lan also takes it upon herself to go into the field and work with Wang Lung, thus bringing in a better harvest that year. He encounters the missionary while he is in the big southern city of Kiangsu. As a result, that causes Wang Lung to think of her more often than other people. Although the leaflet had some writing on it that no doubt explained what the picture showed, neither Wang Lung nor the man he showed it to can read. Wang Lung thus becomes a rich man and begins to delve in the pleasures of life.

What role does religion play in the novel, and what attitude does Wang Lung have to it? When Wang Lung becomes prosperous he complains to his wife about her big feet, which are a tell-tale sign of her humble origins. But when he enters O-lan's room, he finds the baby dead on the floor, and he notices "two dark, bruised spots" on its neck (p. But it would perhaps be a hard heart that condemned a starving woman who ended the life of a tiny malnourished infant a wisp of bone and skin perhaps a few more hours or days than it would otherwise have endured. Is it an act of mercy or a crime? Lotus, bought from Wang Lung as a concubine, drives a plot, and deepens a conflict because of her cheating with Wang Lungs eldest son. But she does well what she is told to do and she has a good temper. Buck is an outstanding book that portrays people in many ways. The passage suggests the futility of Christian missionary work in China. In The Good Earth, there are three characters that serve as a purpose in the book- the Poor Fool who shows a moral side of Wang Lung, a concubine named Lotus that drives the plot and deepens a conflict. Wang Lung chose essays about the good earth three most beautiful, and out of the three he chose again and he chose one most beautiful, a small, slender thing, a body light as a bamboo (187) Buck tells, there was his son, standing. This shocked me when I first read it, because O-lan was so astonished by even holding the money, to be allowed to do that.

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O-lan is treated as if they were selling cattle. Tomorrow in our Honors English class we do peer editing but I figured I would also put it on this wonderful website too. When he returns from the city, after the drought and famine are over, he finds the statues in the temple looking bedraggled. O-lan asks to keep two pearls, something to which Wang Lung obliges, and the next day he goes out to buy more land from the House of Hwang with the remaining jewels. During this time there essays about the good earth is an uprising and a rich house is sacked by the poor. The Uncle knows that filial piety is vital for Wang Lung and that because he cannot avoid it, the Uncle sees this as a trend so therefore, he takes advantage of this opportunity of filial piety and uses it on Wang Lung.

She did not at once take the money, but she stood looking at it her face motionless. Pear Blossom ) never wholly sheds his identity as a farmer. Ching, a friendly neighbor, and the only good person in the novel, helps out Wang Lung by revealing a character trait. Wang Lung is frightened of the man's "strange eyes and fearful nose." The missionary hands Wang Lung a piece of paper, on which is pictured the crucified Christ. This time he goes to the temple only to spit on the statues of the gods and accuse God himself of desiring misfortune for men: "Oh, you are too wicked, you Old Man in Heaven!" he says (p. The Good Earth by Pearl.

They convince Wang Lung to rent the Great House in the city rather remain in the country. What had she seen in those hundred courts? They hide the money in an earthen wall until Wang Lung decides to buy some land from the House of Hwang. If there has been anything it has been only a serving man. O-lan gives birth to a girl, something Wang Lung considers a bad omen. The Uncle uses filial piety, but in a negative way. For many years in America, women have fought for equal sex rights. The sons have been raised without knowing the value of the land, all they know are monetary riches. What had been her life, that life she never shared with him? She was, after all, only a woman" (29). She plans the wedding feast, and Wang Lung and his father are pleasantly surprised by the delicacy of her food. It was easier for her to kill the infant girl, given the lower value that the society in which she lived placed on women's lives. He seeks out a concubine, Lotus, sends his sons to school, and becomes widely respected.

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I bought her in a year of famine when her parents came south because they had nothing to eat. Then he goes to the country temple and does the same thing-just as he did when he was first married, and when he was expecting his first child. Some countries still struggle with this issue today, and from this book I am patriotic and grateful of our land of the free, America. He is a poor man who has come to marry a slave, the only wife he can afford, and for this reason he is very aware of his inferior status. Wang Lung's attitude to the gods changes during the course of the novel. You had to ask the owner for any kind of money or anything you needed. Ching, Wang Lung's neighbor, is still alive, essays about the good earth but barely.

He is a tall and lean foreigner, bearded, with eyes "as blue as ice" (suggesting coldness) and a big nose. Would O-lan have been so quick to snuff out the life of her child, even in the midst of a terrible famine, if the child had been a boy? Not his soulmate or companion for the rest of his life but "his women". Wang Lung steals a rich man's gold. In 1932, only a year after the publication of The Good Earth, Buck published an essay entitled "Is There a Case for Foreign Missions?" in which she was extremely critical of Christian missionaries. In general, the poorer classes in Chinese society did not practice foot-binding, so in the novel, O-lan does not have her feet bound. Neither is she clever. Pearl Buck was the daughter of Christian missionaries to China, but the picture she presents of such missionaries in this one short passage in The Good Earth is hardly a flattering one. The harvest is minimal and hunger abounds. Why does O-lan kill her infant daughter? So lacking in sympathy for the people they were supposed to be saving, so scornful of any civilization except their own, so harsh in their judgments upon one another, so coarse and insensitive among a sensitive and cultivated. The gods wear robes of red and gilt paper, which are renewed by the villagers as part of each New Year celebration. Inside, there are two earthen figures, depicting the unnamed "gods of the earth the male god and his female consort.

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All the people in the neighborhood worship these gods, and Wang Lung appears to be no exception. It is called the temple to the earth and was built by Wang Lung's grandfather. The two roles do not seem to fit together. They settle in this foreign city and make do as best as they can. Wang Lung tells Ching he will help him plant again, and soon they become close friends.

Ching later works for Wang Lung as his foreman. You see she essays about the good earth has the strong body and the square cheeks of her kind. Wang Lung, though occasionally enjoying the pleasures of a rich man (for example fine food and clothes, and another concubine named. Money is everything, you can go places with it, get things with. Wang Lung is horrified at the picture. Please give me feedback if you wish, I know theres probably going to be quite a few errors. Some can be malevolent, some can be nice, but all of the characters have different roles to fill in the novel. He talks to the Great Mistress of the house, as she describes O-lan as, "This woman came into our house when she was a child of ten and here she has lived until now, when she is twenty years old.

Once, early in the novel, he forgets himself and expresses anger at his uncle for asking for money. However, there is another side to the question. He felt even ashamed, becuase men do not think or worry about essays about the good earth unimportant things like women. It may be significant that the baby was a girl. (65-66) This indicates filial piety was very common and popular in China. When in the novel Wang Lung meets the prostitute Lotus, one of the things he likes most about her is her tiny feet. The Old Mistress asks that they bring their first-born for her to see. In chapter 14, what picture is presented of Christian missionaries? When O-lan gives birth to her first daughter, she refers to it as a slave, "not worth mentioning" (p. He does not cultivate his land, preferring to spend his time gambling or living off the generosity of others, including Wang Lung.