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Wonder of science essay

wonder of science essay

The blessings of science are too many to count. We are learning as much of the secrets of the molecular cells in a living organism as of the atoms in space. Filtered mineral water is available to overcome diseases and other illness caused due to water pollution. It is also regarded as a Curse and horror for humanity. Electric machines have largely supplanted manual and are producing better necessities of life in great abundance and at a much lower cost of production. According to Swami Vivekananda " Science has lighted world from darkness." Science has taught us to fly like birds in the sky and swim like fish in the water but it has not taught us, How to walk. Atomic energy and the technology of cloning is the greatest step of science 7-Disadvantage of Science -: Science has really served man but on the other hand it has given us many dangerous weapons of war like atom and hydrogen bombs.

508 Words Essay on the Wonders of Science

This can give us eyes to see, ears to hear and legs to walk. "The third world war will be fought with bombs and missiles but the fourth will be fought with stone and arrows" - Joad 8-Conclusion:- If we can say that science is our faithful servant. (Claude Bernard one great discovery, which has added greatly to the joy and comfort of life, is electricity. Through artificial satellites, the people of one country can see television programmes of the other distant countries. But common sense also concerns itself with many things of vital importance that lie outside the bare facts of physical science. Modern man no more remains a Sincere Server Of mankind. It has given us many wonderful inventions. We rub our eyes in wonder at these statements. For proper growth and development of the nation, science and technology must go hand in hand.

Supremacy of Science has now been established in every field and thus it is necessary to educate the students on Science What is Science where is Science. We exist in a world of scientific inventions. In no time, we can be in another wonder of science essay continent. A new social and political outlook has been given to the man altogether. The destructive applications of science like the nuclear bomb, Hydrogen Bomb, Poisonous gases, Missiles, Chemical warfare can finish the existence of any big city or country within seconds. It is considered to be the most valuable element in the education of those who show special ability. The atom bomb and nuclear weapons are also wonders of science.

Free Essay on Wonders of Science for Kids

Entertainment The first means of entertainment science has gave us was Radio. Many other diseases like cholera, plague and.B. The fast-moving trains and airplanes are wonder of science essay there to help. In the field of medicine, science has also made amazing drugs and instruments. Many innovations and discoveries help farmers grow good quality crop. Without electricity, our life is a burden. Electricity is one of the wonders of Science. Similarly, from invention of needle, scissors, and sewing machine to the invention of heavy industrial machinery has done wonders in the industrial field. Now man depends on artificial means enjoying life. And this literature is not an example of writing about the world without looking. We can watch videos on mobiles,.V and also on computers. Science itself is a marvel and a mystery. Harvesting machines, Tractors, Manures and good quality seeds are the gift of science to a farmer.

The process that takes place in our car which is to burn fuel like petrol or diesel is called Combustion. Early in the year 1969 Prof. The evolution of electricity that we use today has taken thousands of years of scientific research and studies. Primitive wheels were nothing but a circular section of wood with a hole at the centre. Thinkers and philosophers, who were not scientists as we understand the term, have been considered responsible for raising the cavemen and the cave life to undreamt of heights. Modern man is facing mental hurry and worry. It is contributing newer and newer forms of inventions for human life. The first ever wonder of science essay calculation device Abacus, was developed in 1622 by William Oughtred and was a simple frame fitted with strings having beads around them. It seems that the time is not too far when the whole human race will have to experience suffering due to the evils of science. With the exception of science fiction based on popular scientific theories and forming a very small Explain Wonder of Science : a portion of modem literature, the overwhelming major part of literature is non-scientific. Many harmful and toxic gases are released into the environment by the industries. Can it be said with any degree of truth that the thinkers and philosophers and the evolving human urges of the common man have not made any serious contribution to human development?

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The present age is the age of science and much of our happiness depends on how man uses the immense power of science. You can select any Wonders. It is due to this pollution that we are facing major problems like global warming and it has become a challenge for humanity. . Household garbage and other refuses were thrown in streets. Drainage system has been modernized. Not only this still more wonderful is the fact that worn out organs like the human heart and kidneys can be replaced by transplants. In strict terms of science love and loyalty, friendship, aesthetic experiences, the tragic sense, the comic spirit, wit and humor, joys and pathos, nobility, dignity, self-respect, tenderness and sympathy, refinement of manners, warmth, and sincerity will have no value at all. Its positive side that is the service of mankind makes it bright and beautiful. Free Essay on, wonders of Science for Kids, this is the age of science. Science is a tool of social progress. Ancient Egyptians and physicians of around 2750 BCE have documented the experiences with electric fish, in their texts. Science is omnipresent; it is into everything and everywhere, whether we notice or dont.

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So science education cannot be ignored. After all, science is only highly evolved common sense. Advancements in science and technology are imperative and the world will always be filled with science enthusiasts and Wonders of Science. Without science, the world would not be what. Gifts of Science Thousands of things we use in our daily life are the gift of science. What have Burkes speeches to do with the physical sciences? Science has wonder of science essay played an important role in the production of food. A vast variety of plastic and different artificial supplies have been created which have hundreds of uses in the home and in industry. Advertisements: Electricity is another wonderful gift of science. It has solved our many problems. Everyones life is extremely dependent on the scientific inventions and modern technology. We cannot imagine our lives without these.

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It serves us many ways. Epidemics and such useful treatments that mans life has almost doubled. This is the basic principle behind the.V and lies beneath the topic of physics. Perfect example of how science applied to an idea or a thing, can push it on the path of infinite development. Superstitions have been discarded and attitude has been changed towards everything. Communication Science has brought about a great change in the way of communication. The air we take in is extremely polluted and causes various diseases. Ours is a remarkable age of science. If we wish for outdoor entertainment we can go and see a film or do a variety of other things. Science has given us many things that were impossible for.