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Look both ways essay

look both ways essay

Directed by Sarah Watt explores many ideas such as fear, religion/faith, and loneliness. Watt illustrates the internal emotions that the characters have, such as anxiety, suspicion and despair. Her fathers death has irrevocably made her aware of all the personal tragedy around her and it is completely ironic that she was the one who witnessed Robs ghastly death. Look, both, ways, Meryl experiences her fear with death after attending her Dads funeral and witnessed a man getting run over by a train. He also doesnt willingly involve himself with Merely in fear that she too will suffer as much as his mum did, when his father was ill. By making a decision, they can become a better person and not feeling anxious all the time. Watt also demonstrates how past experiences of death can have an impact on the individuals perspective of their own life and death. Look, both, ways is a journalist for the newspaper who had discovered that he has testicular cancer.

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They wouldnt be able to open up and express their emotions putting more pressure on themselves, making them feel paralysed, disconnected and numb from over time. The soothing and much needed symbolic rain offers everyone the chance to come to terms with their own dilemmas and ultimately learn to overcome and control lifes challenges. Julias one line, It wasnt your fault demonstrates her ability to come to terms with Robs accident and conceive that maybe it was meant. Merely also struggles with her visions of potential threats everywhere she goes. Through Meryls child-like animations and Nicks fast moving photomontages, Watt explicates the notion that death is everywhere and individuals are inevitably controlled by its negative connotations. His cancer diagnosis is now very much part of his life and over the course of the scorching hot weekend we see how the pessimistic events inevitably restrict him from pursuing life with hope and optimism. This juxtaposes between Andys rage and the choirs joy making. His mother chose to remember the happy moments In her husbands life and know that though her husband did suffer tremendously, he did enjoy his life and live It fully. These ideas are portrayed to the viewer using a variety of visual techniques such as animation, photomontage, transitions, look both ways essay close-ups, adjacent worlds, music, tracking, still shots, sound effects and cuts. Likewise, Watt explores fear through the use of photomontage in the scene where Nick reminisces on how he gets the show more content, a still shot is then taken on the image of Jesus from Andys perspective. He is also very insensitive and inconsiderate of others.

This gives time for Andy to reect on his faith and attitude he has towards. The different images flashings in his mind to show what he is thinking and his fears of having cancer as well as the memories that he is unable to discuss with anyone. Nick is accepting the fact that he has cancer while Meryl is still dealing with grief, and they both dont know whether they should tell each other their problem and what to talk about otherwise. Despite the fact her heavily pregnant friend, Linda, reminds her that you do hold fate in your own hands, Meryl bemuses the idea and quickly notes, Cancers always crap, whats Leo? The vivid images of knife attacks and robbers shooting her cause her to feel nervous and to live in suspicion of everyone around her. Her constant fear of self-annihilation and her belief that maybe the right thing happens certainly alludes to the view that she is inevitably controlled by her inner worries. These recurring, mental Images cause both, merely and Nick, to live life In fear of death. Both, julia look both ways essay and the train driver are able to come to together and share each others pain and suffering. Even though she likes him, she is still fearful that she could get hurt as the result of the relationship. Her tendency to see danger and death wherever she goes is the cause of her negative emotions towards fife and fear of death. Sarah Watt uses photo montage to show others Nicks feelings and thoughts at times. They would be constantly worried about whats happening around them, which causes them to feel restless and isolated. By doing so, he has become a better person who has responsibilities and starts to think of others as well as himself.

These two characters developed opposite attitudes towards the death of their loved one. In the film, Sarah Watt uses animation to show Meryls anxiety and the accidents she imagines and puts herself. His memories of his father struggling to complete dally activities such as going to the toilet cause Nick to become even more worried, since he is so sure that because his father didnt survive. Moreover, it is in look both ways essay the films denouement that we can see how there has been an important change in all of the characters lives. I wrote this essay under 1 hour, so it's a bit messy and I realise I moved away from the topic a little. Like Nick, Merely also looks towards the negative side of life. Meryls life has suddenly been turned upside down and we are able to see how her fatalistic approach is restricting her from living a normal lifestyle.

It shows that her fear in death has a great impact on her anxiety and her mental state, making her feel disconnected and isolated. I'm also contributing to the "criticise my essay " posts! He therefore does not participate In his regular activities such as work and cricket with enthusiasm, and is unable to be happy and live life fully. When he look both ways essay got Anna pregnant, he thinks that shes done it on purpose to pin him down in a serious relationship with responsibilities. Please give it a mark. Disconnection and isolation caused by fear can often paralyse them as it makes them anxious and paranoid.

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While some are paralysed by fear, some deal with it by facing it and making a decision. Fear can cause others to be paralysed emotionally if they are unable to make a decision and deal with. Fear often effect the ability of people to express their emotions and unable to connect with others making them paralysed and isolated. Through Anna, Watt exemplifies the belief that is the way in which individuals respond to random and unpredictable events that is most important. Maybe the right thing happens'.

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The use of adjacent world compares to her thoughts and emotions suggesting that maybe her surroundings are responsible for making her feel this way. This is evident when Merely becomes anxious when Nick asks her for her phone number, even though they were Intimate the night before. Watt uses animation when Meryl is walking and imagines someone coming up to her and attacking her. But here. When she explains to Nick that her fathers death was the natural order of things, and that it was meant to be, Watt demonstrates that Merely does not take control of her own life. In contradicting with her inner feelings she makes semi-optimistic declarations by claiming that maybe he Rob was an axe murderer about to commit his first crime and that her fathers death was the natural order of things. Watts film is a positive affirmation about life. Her external fatalistic approach contradicts with her inner thoughts and hence, we inevitably see her lack of ability to control her fears and anxieties. Most characters in the lm, especially Nick and Meryl experience extreme loneliness. Through his inability to come to terms with the news, Nick starts to think of the causes of his cancer yet, his thinking is irrational as testicular cancer is not caused by carcinogens. The fast-moving photomontages and the cold colours of the doctors room explicate the coldness of death and Nicks sudden lack of control over his life. The doctors diagnosis comes as a complete shock to Nick and we are able to see his isolation as the doctor offers neither empathy nor sympathy.

Lonely wont leave me alone relates back to when Nicks. Fear can paralyse people over time, although by making a decision and facing their fears can often make them a better person. 'Maybe it was meant. She starts to perceive negative things and death happening to her. Due to his fear of suffering, Nick gives up and develops negative thoughts and feelings towards others and his life. Merely and Nicks connection and strong bond is a clear example of the need for connection and warmth as a result of experiencing similar tragedy and despair. Fears can paralyse individuals by making them feel anxious and paranoid with their lives and surroundings. She therefore Is unable to take risks, In the fear that the worst- case scenario will occur. Furthermore, Anna is an important device that Watt has used to demonstrate that things just happen and that events are not always predetermined - they are random. Nick reflects on his fathers battle with cancer in fear that he too will suffer and not survive. This is displayed in the form of an animation to show how she is literally feeling. Essay, topic: Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! This Is why Merely Just accepts her fear of death and taking attitude, Merely is unable to live a relaxed life; she is constantly looking both ways.

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Nick is afraid of responsibilities and doesnt like kids, he likes his single life where he is able to do whatever he wants. We will write a custom essay on, look, both, ways : About the Theme Fear specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now. She maintains a clear message that despite all the negativity in the world, we need to reunite with our loved ones so that we can pursue our fears with renewed hope and optimism. For instance, when Meryl is reading the news paper, she reads nothing but death and misfortune. The music used in the lm registers rise and fall of thought on the character. To what extent does fate control the lives of the characters. When his child clumsily falls down, it is symbolic of Andys faith slipping away or getting weaker. Theyre always having a good time. She realises that death can happen to anyone at unexpected times. Their anxiety paranoia would tend to separate them from others. Mixing of animation and action slips clearly show what is going on inside the mind of characters. Look both ways shows us that tragedy is a part of life. To what extent do you think this is true?

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