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Essay about if i were a boy

essay about if i were a boy

There will be people who will jeer and mock at me for my foolishness of essay about if i were a boy spending my money in this manner but they perhaps do not realize that the inner happiness and man gets out of helping. The roles are suddenly flipped and everything begins to make sense. If I were to possess millions of rupees overnight, first of all, I would purchase a good one-storied house with sufficient open space, lawns and a garden for my parents. Beyoncé illustrates the feeling of men coming and going, always assuming that when they do in fact come home their girl will be right there waiting for them. This is how I will make use of my money if I become a millionaire. So I shall start a co-operative society to feed a few villages which are situated near to each other. Looking back, what would you do differently? A person can only take so much before they decide to walk away. Im training for football, playing basketball or working. Mail your essays TO:.A.

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My parents are very devout and pious. Even when she doesnt want to talk about something thats on her mind, I encourage her. They wouldnt have the patience nor would they continue to make an effort. Being the youngest and only girl in my family and growing up with three god-brothers, I was born into the world with tons of guys around. Beyoncé was shown in the shoes of a man. She treated her man the way your stereotypical male would treat a female. If I were a Millionaire, the modem age is a materialistic age. I will open socio cultural centers at such places for their recreation. I mean I could cry when I want to, get my hair done, and get a pedicure without people thinking Im gay or feminine. Then, I shall see that my sister and elder brother are provided well with their requirements.

He cries over his girlfriend, his cell phone, football games, everything. But would it not be, like, counting ones chickens before the eggs are hatched. They are so religious, compassionate and kind by nature. Whats your biggest regret? Hes a lot like me and I dont think Id change much if I were a different gender. Act, act in the living present, Heart within and God overhead. At this point, viewers are able to sense her. Based on this information, one can assume that this music is not R B, its pop. I have seen them shivering in winter for want of woolens. It can happen only if I get some lucky stroke. India is such a vast country full of great historical monuments, fascinating sea-shores, hill-stations, centers of tourist interest and places of pilgrimages. I would like to consult my parents, friends and well-wishers in the matter. Ask our professional writer!

She shows distance and selfishness. Besides money it will supply them with good manure and fertilizer. Since some of my closest friends are guys, when we go out, it seems like half the time they dont even realize that Im a girl. After a fair bit of time together to make up for the lie, Will realized that Marcus wasn't all that bad and began to enjoy his company. I shall tour the entire country and have first-hand experience of the land, the people and the places. Competitions, literary and other prizes, etc.

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I shall also try to fulfill the moral and religious needs of the society by building temples, water-huts for summer season and a big dharamshala or a rest house. I shall purchase these for her. They cannot afford to buy even text-books, let alone help and reference books. Describe what happened and why you regret it now. It almost seems as if its time for her to make a decision, judgment day. Life would be much easier if I were a boy. I fit in just like one of the boys, so its hard for me to imagine what it would be like if I were a boy. Sometimes I even think my life would be a lot easier if I were a boy because Im just like one of the guys. The Society will lend money to the poor farmers. My brother is in English honours (B.A. My answer to all this would be an emphatic. Id pay for their books, fees, healthcare and even food and clothing, if necessary. Its hard being the oldest daughter at age 14 when my dad is never home.

Does no one pay attention to me essay about if i were a boy because they think that just because Im a girl, all I do is complain about everything that goes wrong in my life? His mother wanted the best for Marcus but in some cases wasn't what Marcus needed. Virtually; there is a rule of money all over the world. This often times suggests R B; however, both Beyoncé and the male featured in the video appear to be clean cut and well presented. I will open orphanages and window houses for the orphans and windows. I like being a girl, and still feeling like one of the guys, because I get the best of both worlds. Many men think its a feminine trait and its hard to find a man like that. Many people get spoil because of their wealth.

I think if I were a boy, Id actually have more girl friends, and be a lot closer to my mom, like my oldest brother. I would essay about if i were a boy employ a full time maidservant to help my mother in her work. Marcus tried not to let this bother him and he did fairly well. Through the Government has tried its best to open secondary and primary schools in almost every village of the country, little progress seems to have been made in the direction of adult education. Its just not right. I would like to go on a Bharat Darshan with my parents. I dont think Id be so tough, I think Id be more girly than I actually am as a girl. Do you wish you had spent more time studying or less? Normally, it is very difficult for a poor man to become a millionaire. Longfellow: Trust no future, however pleasant, Let the dead past bury its dead.

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They acquire bad habits like gambling, drinking, womanising, etc. 01, we have often heard old people advise the young ones not to indulge in wasteful talk about the past and future by"ng the following lines from.W. I would explain to my dad how bad he hurts Mom, and he would listen to me, his son. Waiting for me to come home ( to come home). In reality, almost everybody is after money whatever he may profess to be or profess. Marcus and will had a strange relationship, and in many ways Marcus taught will many lessons about life. I think it would be much harder to be a woman than a man. Which can make even a pauper to realize his dream of becoming a millionaire if he is lucky. I would tell him what mom hates the most about him, but most importantly, Id show him how to fix his mistakes.

Id donate liberally for all kinds of victims such as floods, famine, cyclone, earthquake, communal riots, terrorism, etc. But there will hardly be man or woman who has never indulged in day dreaming. Therefore, I would confine the matter to essay about if i were a boy myself and plan to utilize the money as best as I can. What a day-dreaming indeed! As for now, I shall live like a ceramic doll whose lips are glued shut, hollow inside, but so ready to burst out in screams.

Though there are essay about if i were a boy those times when I look at my fiancée and say to myself, Man, shes got it easy, Id rather remain a man. Confusion: she seems tired of the situation, tired of her man constantly coming and going. It is still more difficult to use money properly. The purpose of this video was to highlight the misunderstanding between genders. Further they would be allowed to share the profits of the company by participating in its share capital and management. He in many ways had to take on the role as the parent as his mother was depressed and suicidal. By, miriha Austin, Monrovia HS (2009 graduate if I were a boy, I think Id be just like my brother. Do you ever regret something you did or maybe didnt do? They dont have clothes to perfect themselves from the chilly winter. I would therefore open a dispensary for the poor. It is a Herculean task. For that reason, dating is not an option. But I wonder how did they get so much wealth, and how do they manage all their fabulous wealth.

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I find that many people still die for want of proper medical aid. Sometimes I laugh to myself because my oldest brother is heavily into essay about if i were a boy sports, but will cry like a baby if anything goes wrong. A vast majority of Beyoncés songs have leaned more towards the R B genre, all songs that could be played at a party and cause a live atmosphere whereas this song is deeper and more heartfelt. The benefits would be spending more time with my dad, and getting more respect. But what should I do with millions of rupees won through lotteries. This song is looking to grab peoples attention in a different way, she wants people to relate. Aside from what had previously been mentioned it is noted that there is a very strong relationship between the lyrics and the visual. I dont think Id like it too much. All his life he has been struggling hard to give me and my elder brother and younger sister the best possible education and care. The both looked out for each other and loved each other very much and in my opinion that made them strong. With Ellie Ellie was Marcus first crush, she was a grungy girl who never really took any notice of Marcus. In the normal course, I cannot think of becoming a millionaire. A few of the Indians are millionaires and multi-millionaires.