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Islam a religion of peace essay

islam a religion of peace essay

And then there is the question of characterizing Islam as peaceful and doing so under duress. They are the most true muslims, folowing the very teachings of Muhammed, as any quran-versed muslim knows. An interview with Philip Jenkins. They are called non muslims, a threat to islam, and the teachings of Allah. Anyone interested in violence perpetrated by Christianity can do their own due diligence to find out how peaceful the experience under Christianity. In this article we examine the commentary of AHA on the issue whether Islam is a Religion of Peace or not.

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It feels that every single muslims, wants the have his very own mosque. So, how does he plan to bring reformation? Who are the voices of Islam? Everyone who islam a religion of peace essay read the quran, and I mean the real one, not the one made for non-muslims to help them to convert, and doesnt a have a really twisted form of morals, ethics and logic, knows what Im talking about. "He was elected by Time magazine in 2000 as one of the seven religious innovators of the 21st century and in 2004 as one of the 100 most influential people in the world and by Foreign Policy. AHA thinks that Muslims need a reformation. But what does it mean for a religion to be a "Religion of Peace"? The foundation of true and lasting peace on earth and in any society is justice, love, compassion, integrity, truth, reasonableness and sound morality. So, she wrote to the Pope imploring him to capture the hearts and minds of all of these millions of people who are spiritual, in search of redemption.

People had more rights at that time as christians had. 3 The Philosophy of Colonialism: Civilization, Christianity and Commerce, 4 Zarley, Kermit (April 6, 2013). By rewriting the Qur'an and hadith, where hell is mentioned and described? Instead of educating people, or even challenging her own parents, as to where in Islam an adult can be forced into a marriage, she blames Islam for this and blends into her life's narrative of Islam's violence, persecution and intolerance. Rather much discussion and debate has taken place on this theme. The same real muslims also organized a demonstration against terrorism.

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Lets ignore here the violence and devastation brought by the colonial powers to their colonies and the conflicts and violence that occurred among the colonial powers. An important footnote is warranted here. One can understand the trauma she experienced when she was to be married against her will to someone whom she has never met. But I was there, in Cologne, for hours, and Ive islam a religion of peace essay seen. Rapings, robbing, murders, beatings, child marriage, child raping and. 4 It was not until two devastating World Wars (actually, the main actors and initiators were in Christian Europe) that a more peaceful and more civilized Europe emerged. The reason is simple. Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

For example, Tawfik Hamid's delusions led him to assert: "But the majority of Muslim are all passive terrorists." 8 No wonder he is an important fodder for the Islamophobes. Tawfik Hamid Islamic Reformer who hates Islam, 9 Wikipedia on Tariq Ramadan, Related posts from similar topics: Disclaimer The opinions expressed herein, through this post or comments, contain positions and viewpoints that are not necessarily those of IslamiCity. Muslims in Europe do one thing. Well, that was the theme elaborated in my article Toward Understanding Muhammad: Some Issues in Peace and Violence. Quran 11:88 ) So, the concept is neither alien to Islam nor the process is absent. It was so much secular and freedom loving, that some countries in those day could chop a piece. Why ignore voices like Prof. But what some of these people conveniently forget is that there are all kinds of background factors and conditions that lead to violence in individuals, groups, nations and societies. People who leave islam, also never were real muslims.

Note that she wants the West to embrace Hamid or Zuhdi as equivalents of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Andrei Sakharov, and Václav Havel, whom USA supported as dissidents. Did President George. To distinguish the evil Islam on the one hand and Christianity on the other, she remarks: The worst thing that a Christian has ever said to me, the rudest thing that a Christian has ever said to me, the. If terrorists kill people, the muslims dont protest against. These are offered as a means for IslamiCity to stimulate dialogue and discussion in our continuing mission of being an educational organization.

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They forget that peace is one islam a religion of peace essay state of human life and reality. And also because I threw away the exemplar I got on the streets from one of those salafists who gave them away. Quran 3:110 that there is such concept and process within Islam and there are active and dedicated voices for this purpose is not good enough for AHA. You know how many muslims came? This Crusade is known as Albigensian or Cathar Crusade. So, is Islam essentially intolerant and violent or is it essentially tolerant or peaceful? Was World War I a religious crusade? If you talk bad about islam, you are one of the following: islamophobic, racist, stupid, nazi, whatever else they may think. Should there be some fairness and consistency in applying ones standards? In accordance with Title.S.C. All too often, then, those who have been systematically denied their basic and legitimate rights, and who are not allowed by nations, societies and governments any rightful recourse to the redress of their lawful grievances, begin to resort. However, the wild, wild West did not earn the United States a reputation for violence; the two World Wars - the most violent and the worst killings in human history - did not earn the West in general and Europe. A third reality of human life is force.

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Unfortunately, she keeps the wrong company and talks to the people who take her seriously and who find her useful for fomenting Islamophobia. Otherwise, it seems that she was disingenuous in casting herself as someone accused as a "racist". Media said there were around 2000. Use taqqya if necessary, to advance islam. Peace is the ideal state to which we all aspire and toward which we all work. In islam, if a woman is raped, she gets stoned to death, if there arent at least 7 man whom would support what she said. Contents, in Response to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ah, wait, pretty sure they are also not real muslims, aint it? He said, in islam, if a prophet orders you to kill a child, because, at some point in his life, he will become a murderer/mass murderer, you have to kill that child, before the prophecy fullfills itself. Sometimes we are too much influenced by our personal experience.